XBox Game Pass: Netflix for games?

The launch of the Xbox One was a certified disaster. There was no way back then that I would recommend the One to anyone who was looking to make the leap to the next generation. That was, however, five years ago. And things done changed since then.

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The Itch™

For some reason Wednesday has become my primary writing day, and I’m really not happy about that. I’m unhappy because it is also by far the busiest day of my week. I have next to nothing planned for tomorrow, and I did nothing of any particular value yesterday either. A more organised, more disciplined version […]

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New Year. New SLAP!

First thing fucking first: This post is not the result of a new year’s resolution. Fuck new year’s resolutions! Stop setting yourself up for such public displays of failure and disappointment, people. You’re better than that! The Turkey’s finished, the parties are over and – assuming you even managed to get any time off in […]

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