When you can, but also fully cannot be arsed…

I had an early night last night. I woke up on time and cracked on with my morning. I took a shit, had a shower, got dressed, and then I made my lunch for the day: Corned beef, goat's cheese and coleslaw on seeded batch if you're interested - I recommend Coleman's Mustard Sauce for … Continue reading When you can, but also fully cannot be arsed…


Project Scorpio: Xbox’s Great Green Hype

It's a madness to me how much the Xbox One both did and also did not flop during its first three years on the market. It was MicroSoft's race to lose for sure, and with their confusing messaging that paired a clunky voice focused interface with a transparent attempt to replace your cable box ahead of … Continue reading Project Scorpio: Xbox’s Great Green Hype

Early-Onset Genre Fatigue

I kept my word everyone! I didn't spend over three hundred pounds just to play one game. Yay! I'm not saying I didn't think about it: a quick glance at Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's Metacritic page reveals a current cumulative score of 97%! Plus the Nintendo Switch itself is brand spanking new, both in … Continue reading Early-Onset Genre Fatigue

Please, please, please! NintenDon’t F**k This up!

Boris & Nigel have a lot to answer for. I didn't get too upset about the £300 million that didn't go to the NHS every week because there was no point at which I ever believed that was actually going to happen. I am on an almost daily basis both vexxed and dismayed by the scandalous affront … Continue reading Please, please, please! NintenDon’t F**k This up!

New Year. New SLAP!

First thing fucking first: This post is not the result of a new year's resolution. Fuck new year's resolutions! Stop setting yourself up for such public displays of failure and disappointment, people. You're better than that! The Turkey's finished, the parties are over and - assuming you even managed to get any time off in … Continue reading New Year. New SLAP!