Short Stories

I write short stories. I’ll leave them… here.


EDIT: Assuming I ever work out how to…

EDIT: Like seriously. Anyone have any ideas, answers on a postcard. Or the comments section.

One thought on “Short Stories

  1. A+++ for best short story.

    Could maybe use a word or 2 more though, but i suppose that’s the beauty of it.

    Personally i think this story is a interesting take on modern societies inability to focus for more than a nano second on an article and in writing in such a minimalist way you have really broken the boundaries of how and in what way we perceive stories and story telling as a whole.

    For this, i salute you

    You have allowed the reader to come to there own conclusions on the topics, themes and clear yet somewhat cryptic underlying messages to be taken away (for which i believe there are many)

    I laughed, i cried, i pondered reality and then was left wanting more.

    This is the type of writing that’s missing now days and pieces like this can hopefully be the catalysts to cause a new movement of journalism and blogging.

    мир вам и хвала Бафомета

    hare krishna

    Spelling Tuelo backwards is oleut…………………
    i looked it up on google and it doesn’t mean anything????
    or just a irrelevant thing to look into?
    i don’t know….

    But your short story has inspired me to look deeper into this
    because in the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    “wisdom is found only in truth”


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